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As part of the Valley Fever Corridor Project, the Valley Fever Center for Excellence established the Valley Fever Alliance of Arizona Clinicians (VFAAC). One reason for doing so is to assist Arizona patients seeking care for their Valley Fever infections in finding clinicians to take care of them.

VFAAC was begun in 2009 involving Primary Care Clinicians and Medical specialists to provide a gateway for patients with Valley Fever. The clinicians within VFAAC have been selected by VFAAC Board as persons with experience and interest that the Board Members would trust to care for their own patients. Part of the intent of the program is to identify appropriate clinicians who are geographically close to the patient.

In 2012, a partnership between the Valley Fever Center for Excellence, the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix, and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix established the Valley Fever Center in Phoenix (VFC-P). The VFC-P is a resource for patients and physicians seeking help in managing Valley Fever infections. The VFC-P will coordinate care at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and also with other VFAAC members throughout Arizona.

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